At our acupuncture clinic on the Gold Coast, we see a lot of mothers from the start of their fertility journey right through to post-birth and we pride ourselves in the care we give during this often quite emotionally tiresome time.

The physical and mental depletion that new mothers experience has been labelled as ‘postnatal depletion’ by a practising GP in northern NSW. This essentially identifies the struggles that new mothers go through post birth, which can last many years. The physical and emotional stress the body goes through giving birth, coupled with lack of sleep, nutrient depletion from breast feeding, often lack of support and many hours spent alone with a baby, can really put the body into a depleted state. This can lead to immune dysfunction, poor gut health, social isolation and anxiety, and sympathetic nervous system dominance (fight or flight), all of which creates a further strain on the body and this vicious cycle can go on for many years.

How can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture has been seen to be effective in:

  • Depression post birth (1)
  • Assisting with quality of sleep, falling asleep and daytime functioning (2)
  • Activating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms
  • Management with symptoms associated with anxiety
  • Building Qi and blood, which is depleted post birth
  • Reduction in muscle tension through the use of moxa and acupuncture needling
  • Assisting with hormonal imbalances through the use of Chinese herbs

What else can help?

  • Talking to someone can help ease some of the emotional burden, so perhaps seeking more support from family,  friends or a counsellor.
  • Ensuring your meals and snacks are packed full of nutrient-dense foods to help with all your biochemical processes. Your neurotransmitters for your mood (serotonin) is mostly made in the gut, therefore good gut health is key to feeling better!
  • Exercise where possible. As little as 10min a day of stretching, moving and being active can help your mood & activate those feel good endorphins
  • Fresh air & sunshine! Vitamin D and fresh air can do you the world of good, so step outside, even if for 15 minutes!

If you haven’t been to an acupuncturist before, don’t worry! It is often described by patients as relaxing and pain free and it allows you up to an hour of time for YOU and can leave you feeling recharged!

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