Ségolène’s passion for this medicine began years ago when she was suffering from chronic pain for many years, after experiencing acupuncture her sleepless nights transformed into peaceful rest.

Being a Mum of three, she understands how difficult and sometimes complicated looking after your own health can be, so she is dedicated to helping others find energy and balance in their busy life. What Eastern Medicine offers is a philosophy that empowers you; it teaches you to listen to emotions, to pay attention to the changes in your body and to cultivate your mind.

The body has this amazing ability to heal, always seeking for the perfect balance; acupuncture acts as a guide to help bring the body back to homeostasis.

Ségolène is passionate about assisting others to find the keys to unlocking their fullest potential through reconnection with their body and mind.

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What’s the last thing you do at night? 
Years ago, I established a nightly gratitude ritual. During this time, I express appreciation for my departed loved ones, thanking them for their continued watchfulness over us. Additionally, I cultivate gratitude for small moments, whether it’s a smile, engaging conversation, or the privilege of living in such an incredible country.

Which meal is your favourite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Growing up in the south of France, I just love food! But I do love those aperitivos at the end of the day that turn into aperitif dinatoire, a mix between diner and aperitif!

What’s your favourite thing about your current job?
I love everything about being an acupuncturist, in fact it does not even feel like a job. What really lights me up is the opportunity to offer assistance in moments where people might feel stuck or helpless; seeing the amazing results a few needles can provide!

What life lessons have you had to learn the hard way?
Don’t take good health for granted; instead, cherish each day that you and your loved ones are in good health. Small steps each day help you in the long term. That’s why maintenance is so important! 

Can you write in cursive?
Yes, in school, we were required to use cursive writing, including specific styles for capital letters. Even during my first degree in literature at university, I had to submit written assignments in cursive, and interestingly, we were not permitted to cross out any words. So, I had to write a lot!!

Are you superstitious about anything?
Growing up if we put the bread upside down my grandma would always put it the right way as it was bad luck. Another superstition we followed was never gifting spiky or sharp objects to others, as it was believed to sever the ties in our relationships. However, if it did happen, the recipient needed to break the spell by giving back a coin. I once received a peeler from my best friend, forgot to give her a coin, and soon after, we began arguing. I gave her the peeler back and we have been good ever since!

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do?
Skydiving! My grandad was part of the parachutist squad in the army, and I was always fascinated when he would tell us stories about him jumping off planes!

What’s your favourite sound?
The sound of silence in the snow, when everything is still yet life is happening all around. It’s as if your senses are heightened tenfold!

Do you like to make plans ahead of time, or do things more spontaneously?
Although I would love to be able to make plans, I tend to lean towards spontaneity. Having everything laid out in advance feels like it takes away a bit of the magic for me. I enjoy waking up on the weekend without a set agenda and discovering what the day has in store. When it comes to traveling, I do have a rough idea of where and what I want to see, but being open to new adventures often makes the trip more memorable!

How do you turn a “no” into a “yes”?
Persistence and consistency