Here on the Gold Coast, at our acupuncture clinic, we see a lot of mothers from the start of their fertility journey to post-birth. At Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast, we pride ourselves in the care we give during this special time. Acupuncture can assist you to ensure you have an overall improved well-being for fertility, conceiving and pregnancy.


There are many things women can do to improve their chances of conceiving. Below are our 11 tips and recommendations;

  • Chinese Medicine:  Doctors in China have been supporting women attempting to conceive for hundreds of years, as have traditional Chinese Medicine doctors in the West more recently. Please speak to one of our practitioners about an appropriate treatment plan for your circumstances.
      1. Acupuncture has been seen to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins that produce a profound state of relaxation. Elevated stress levels may significantly lower pregnancy rates.
      2. Regular acupuncture treatments may correct the body’s neuro-endocrinological activity, resulting in hormonal regulation and balance.
      3. The insertion of needles in specific acupoints may increase ovarian and uterine blood flow. This increased flow stimulates ovulation and enhances the growth of the uterine lining.
      4. Acupuncture may support implantation and growth of the embryo during the very crucial initial stages of fetal development.
  • Supplements: Taking supplements that include the appropriate form of Folate and other B vitamins, Vitamins C and D, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants such as CoQ10 and minerals such as zinc, iron, and iodine is advisable. Please ensure you speak to your healthcare practitioner before self-prescribing.
  • Caffeine: Limiting your caffeine intake to a low to moderate amount (1-2 cups per day) is generally advised.
  • Alcohol: Women metabolise alcohol much less efficiently than men. Even moderate drinking (5 or fewer glasses a week) could delay conception.
  • Dairy: Regular rather than low-fat products are recommended.
  • Weight: A BMI of 20 – 25 is associated with higher pregnancy rates and a lower prevalence of miscarriage than those above or below this range. Therefore, weight gain or loss could significantly affect your ability to conceive naturally or with IVF.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise, something you enjoy, is beneficial as it can increase your energy and mood, help you sleep and control weight. Exercising excessively, on the other hand, may reduce IVF success rates. Therefore, speak with your practitioner to ensure you have the right balance for you.
  • Stress: Increased stress may be associated with reduced fertility.  Many patients find that acupuncture helps reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
  • Sleep: More than 40% of adults get less than 7 hours sleep a night, which can adversely affect metabolism and weight control. Getting enough sleep is essential to maintaining optimal hormonal regulation.
  • Fumes and toxic chemicals: Environmental chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, household cleaners and industry by-products may reduce egg viability, deplete follicle numbers and reduce IVF success rates. As much as possible, reduce your exposure to fumes and chemicals.
  • Smoking: Smoking delays conception and can cause early menopause. It can reduce live birth rates in IVF cycles and make the uterus less receptive to embryo implantation. Marijuana is toxic to the developing egg and can interfere with ovulation.

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