Fertility is one of our interests at our acupuncture clinic on the Gold Coast and we like to incorporate Chinese herbs with acupuncture to increase your chances of conception…here’s why.

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to assist with many ailments including fertility and there are more than 150 different varieties used in fertility. Whilst specific treatments will vary with each individual, in China some chinese-medicinestudies conducted indicated a 70% success rate in males & females treated, with either pregnancy or restored fertility. Whilst further studies, including a systematic review with over 1800 women, showed a two-fold increase in pregnancy rates within a 4 month period (Ried 2011).

Treatment with herbs will depend on each person and condition; however can be used in conjunction with acupuncture and may assist with infertility causes, as well as adapted formulas throughout the pregnancy for maintenance, as well as mother & child wellbeing.

Deficiency, stagnation and heat are the 3 common causes in Chinese medicine that are believed to lead to infertility and therefore the herbs are used to assist with these imbalances and assist with restoring normal functions. They may display as hormonal imbalances, inflammation or infection, blockages, blood deregulation or aches and pains.

How can Chinese herbs assist with fertility?

  • They may increase blood flow to reproductive organs and away from the arms & legs (usually reserved for the ‘flight or fight’ response), with the use of herbs and acupuncture treatment.
  • Assist with egg quality
  • Reduce stress which is a major component of infertility
  • Regulate hormones to ensure optimum chances of conceiving

(Guo et al. 2014).

Other tips to assist with fertility:

  • Avoid ‘dampness’ through diet by minimizing or eliminating milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, ice cream, greasy foods & alcohol. Damp foods in Chinese medicine are said to accumulate as blockages in the form of cysts or fibroids. This also includes damp clothes and homes where there is a lack of airflow.
  • Improve your emotional health – anger, frustration and stress is related to liver Qi stagnation, whilst the lungs relate to grief, sadness and holding on. Try some meditation, yoga or Tai Chi to get your fertility Qi flowing!
  • Don’t stress – it puts added pressure on your body and isn’t conducive to conceiving.

If you would like to have a consultation with one of our Acupuncturists to discuss fertility, please contact us on 5531 6461 or you can book online here.


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