A healthy immune system doesn’t mean you’ll never catch anything (although you may catch much less of what’s going around), but it means that if you do catch a bug and your immune system is doing its job, you’ll have milder symptoms and get over it quicker.

Western medicine can save your life if you come down with something serious but it doesn’t have a lot to offer when it comes to building a strong and balanced immune system. Natural therapies on the other hand have a plethora of options that can build your immunity so you may get sick less often and recover more quickly. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, proper diet , exercise, rest and stress management are all invaluable to building and maintaining a strong immune system.

Natural Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine recognises that a weakened immune system can cause illness. Herbal remedies can enhance the body’s natural defence mechanisms. Herbs can also allow your body to resist infectious agents without the adverse side effects of conventional medications. There are Chinese herbs and herb formulas that have been in used for thousands of years that may have beneficial effects on the immune system.


Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and a strong resistance to illness. A lot of us are eating too many refined carbs and empty calories, unhealthy fats, processed sugars and other low quality foods. If you are not providing your body with high quality fuel in the proper amounts your immune system may eventually weaken.

Stress ReliefHow to build your immune system with Acupuncture & Natural Medicine

Even if we are eating well stress can undo all our good intentions. Stress depletes our nutritional reserves, taxes our adrenals and weakens our qi (vital energy) and then may get sick. If we are not resting enough, pushing too hard and ignoring our body when it tells us that we need more sleep and down time we can sick. Unscheduled quiet time, meditation, or gentle exercise are all helpful tools to unwind and offset the effects of stress on the immune system.

Only you can take the steps needed to generate a strong immunity. Make sure you look after your body before the festive season hits. At Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we can assist you with building your immune system through herbs, nutritional advice and acupuncture.

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