As the seasonal change is soon upon on the Gold Coast when we move from winter to spring, our immune systems may need some readjusting. Hay fever can become problematic as we are ever sneezing, wiping our noses and itching our eyes.

Hay fever, or referred to in medical terms as Allergic Rhinitis (AR), is allergic reactions to airborne allergens such as seasonal grass, pollen, dust and animal dander. For some individuals, this often flares up during specific seasons whereas other individuals can experience these reactions year-round.

While we might take preventative steps to lessen our symptoms such as utilising hay fever medication (antihistamines), try to stay inside where possible, unfortunately it is inevitable for some people and hay fever will still persist. Research has shown that Acupuncture is an effective treatment for those experiencing hay fever!

In a recent meta-analysis study published in the BMC Journal: Chinese Medicine, researchers found that acupuncture was a safe and effective treatment for patients presenting with allergic rhinitis. Within the study they found that moxibustion significantly reduced the symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis which was measured using the Total Nasal Symptom Score (TNSS). Similarly, what was also found was that acupuncture in conjunction with conventional medicine such as antihistamines was a very effective method in treating AR as opposed toconventional medicine alone.

Here at Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we can guide you through your health journey and walk you through the transitional period of winter to spring. We can help you in dealing with severe hay fever or just allergens in general. As we make this transition from winter to spring it is important we continue to care and nourish our body. We currently have four fully qualified Acupuncturists and a Naturopath available 6 days a week to assist you with your hay fever and allergy struggles.

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