Often the patients we see for acupuncture at the Gold Coast clinic experiencing burnout are the givers, the go-getters, the doers, the risk takers and the ‘I can achieve it all’ individuals.

These people are the ones who are trying to achieve everything. However, there is only so much energy to go around and as hard as they push they often find themselves burnt out.

Physical and mental symptoms of burnout can creep in unknowingly, suddenly you can’t concentrate or stay as focused for as long, you may become foggy-headed and have trouble falling or staying asleep. You may overthink everything and become increasingly irritable and angry. Some bigger physical symptoms that may present themselves are anxiety, lower back and knee pain, hormonal imbalances, premature ageing and hair loss.

How to deal and get through a burnout

  1. The first step is to acknowledge that you are, indeed, burnt out. As easy as this step seems, it can be extremely difficult to let go of expectations.
  2. Now it’s time to create space in your life for your recovery and well-being. This doesn’t mean giving up where you have currently invested all your time and energy, it means prioritising your well-being first.
  3. You have to listen to your mind and body. What is it trying to tell you? Have you noticed physical changes lately? What kind of mindset do you currently have? Is your body craving your attention, food, exercise? Is your mind asking you to give it a break? Whatever it is, action it!
  4. Give yourself permission to learn patience. Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ for burnout, the only option left is to learn how to be okay with the long road ahead.
  5. This whole process of helping yourself first can be quite daunting, it can feel unnatural and uncertain at times. It’s equally important to ask for help when things get a little tough or challenging.

How can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture can provide you with a designated period of time to relax. It can allow you to slow your day down and bring a sense of calm.  Haynes Acupuncture on the Gold Coast can help to alleviate stress and anxiety and it may restore your body to its natural resting state.

A more Western scientific view of acupuncture means that it:

  • Down-regulates your body’s flight or fight response
  • Increases your body’s natural opiates, endorphins and enkephalin hormones
  • Reduces cortisol and increases serotonin, this may alleviate anxiety, depression, irritability and stress
  • Promotes blood flow to the brain to improve cognitive function
  • Increases circulation to relax tight muscles and reduces joint stiffness
  • Improves the body’s immune system

Our practitioners are excited to help you on this recovery journey, we tailor every treatment to suit your individual needs. Book your appointment with us  in our Bundall Acupuncture Clinic now on (07) 5531 6461 or email us on info@haynesacupuncture.com.au

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