As humans, we can feel an array of pain – physically and mentally. But when it comes to health issues with your back, pain takes on a whole new meaning. At Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast, we can assist you with low back pain resulting from strains (muscle tears) , back sprains (overstretched ligaments) , herniated disks, and sciatica (the term for the pain that results from irritation of the sciatic nerve). Sciatica pain can extend from your back through your buttocks and down your leg.

How It Works

Using acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbs to help with lower back pain and sciatica, works by stimulating the nervous system and allowing for the body to regain balance, improve blood circulation, remove the built up toxins and waste as well as relax muscles, allowing more fluid and nutrients to nourish your back.

Studies Show Acupuncture Works for Back Pain

A meta-analysis of approx 25 trials was completed showing a ‘favourable effect on self-reported pain & functional limitations for non specific chronic low back pain’ (Lam 2015). In another systematic review, acupuncture was found to be more effective than sham or no treatment for low back pain (Wellington 2014). acupuncture low back pain

Here at Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we can help you with your crippling back pain, come in and talk to one of our qualified practitioners about your back pain.


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