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    Category: TCM Articles

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    An Update on COVID-19 from Haynes Acupuncture

    30 March, 2021
    We want to address concerns about COVID-19 Haynes Acupuncture (HA) is dedicated to the health and safety of our patients and staff.  Our top priority is ensuring the integrity of our clinic, our patien…

    Seasonal Flares

    29 March, 2021
    Feel as though you have been going so well and then all these symptoms have come back out of nowhere? In Chinese medicine, autumn is the ‘hinge’ between summer and winter! With the change in season, we often…

    Acupuncture FAQ’s

    25 March, 2021
    Autumn lung

    Autumn and the change of season on the Gold Coast

    10 February, 2021
    As the seasons change here on the Gold Coast, our bodies, especially our immune system, often struggle to adapt. In our Gold Coast Acupuncture Clinic we often see an increase in colds and flus as well as con…

    Food for the Seasons

    27 January, 2021
    Here at Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we share with you our views on eating with the seasons. Quite often we are perplexed about what food is in season or when we should be eating different foods as we can go t…


    19 January, 2021
    Often the patients we see for acupuncture at the Gold Coast clinic experiencing burnout are the givers, the go-getters, the doers, the risk takers and the ‘I can achieve it all’ individuals…

    How to Build Your Immunity

    9 November, 2020
    A healthy immune system doesn’t mean you’ll never catch anything (although you may catch much less of what’s going around), but it means that if you do catch a bug and your immune system is doing its job…

    Ulcerative Colitis

    30 October, 2020
    At our Gold Coast Acupuncture clinic we work with you to obtain your desired health results. Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is an inflammatory bowel disease that is most common in younger adults ranging anywhe…

    Could you be Perimenopausal?

    23 September, 2020
    Did you know acupuncture may assist with the management of the symptoms associated with perimenopause? Here at Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we can address your symptoms to assist you to live a normal li…

    Get to know your practitioners – Rob Reilly

    2 September, 2020
    Our main mission at Haynes Acupuncture on the Gold Coast is to restore all patients to full health, whether that is physically, mentally or emotionally. The clinic offers a treatment of the whole person,…

    How to Nourish your Liver this Spring

    26 August, 2020
    Here at Haynes Acupuncture Gold Coast we like to think, eat and live by the seasons. With the arrival of Spring, we look at how we can best support our bodies. In Chinese medicine, Liver is the Yin organ and…
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